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Anthony Nassar

Software Engineer

Sorry, I'm boring, so I haven't written anything yet.

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James Hong

Software Engineer

For 10 years, I worked at a small Christian school serving as a worship leader among various things. When I made a career change into programming, I was excited to have an opportunity to work on a project that will help fellow worship leaders serve the Lord faithfully. I hope you find this project useful in serving others.

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Jonathan Tsai


I am a sinner saved by grace. A former atheist, I came to faith in the God of the Bible as a teenager primarily by reading the Old Testament, where I saw that the even the nation of Israel, God's chosen people, were not spared from God's wrath. It was the work of the Holy Spirit to have my eyes opened, causing me to recognize my depraved condition, and to have my heart instilled with the fear of God. I made this website, Maskil, because I am passionate about worshiping God with my voice and instruments, and I want to love Him with with all of my heart and mind (and soul and strength). Musically, I play the violin, piano, and guitar, and enjoy songwriting and composition.