About Maskil

For the choir director. A Maskil of the sons of Korah.
Psalm 42:1
As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So my soul pants for You, O God.
According to the NASB translation footnotes, a Maskil is a "Skillful, Poetic, or Didactic Psalm."

Why Maskil?

Maskil is built by Christians, for Christians.

We built this website and app to serve the community of believers. Maskil is written by Christian software engineers who also lead praise and worship at churches, Bible studies, small groups, etc.

We are brothers and sisters, parents, leaders, mentors, in addition to being musicians. Maskil is intended to add hours back to the praise and worship team's busy schedule and lives each week, so that we can focus on the things that matter most: the people we love, cultivating worshipful hearts and minds, and honing excellence in musicianship.


  • Manage and organize worship music sets and sheet music. Edit, save, and share!
  • Fully web-based, nothing to download or install.
  • Instantly transpose key signatures to a different key with a press of a button.
  • Edit lyrics with chords and piano/guitar lead sheets in handy text-based format (ChoPro/Chordpro).
  • Toggle display of chords with a press of a button to easily grab text and create slides and presentations.
  • Web-app suitable for use during live performances and offline enjoyment via print.
  • Generates beautiful HTML and ready-to-print worship music sets, or save as PDF.
  • Compatible across multiple screen sizes and mobile-responsive.
  • Unique "permalink" URLs for your music sets so you can share with the rest of your team or the congregation to practice at home, play live, or sing along!
  • Hover over chords to see a guitar chord fingering chart.
  • Browse songs, music sets, and organizations on Maskil.
  • Community with members and growing!


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