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Chordpro Syntax

If you'd like to jump right in, the quickest way to learn Chordpro syntax is to look at the example song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

You can also learn more about ChoPro or Chordpro syntax at the official website.

Maskil uses the Python-based pychopro library to convert ChoPro syntax into beautiful HTML.

The latest is Chordpro version 5.0, but Maskil only supports the following tags:

  • Coming soon

About CCLI® Copyright License™

Learn more about the CCLI® Copyright License™ at the CCLI® website, where there is also information on pricing and how to acquire a license.

Enter your organization's CCLI® Copyright License™ on your settings page, and Maskil will properly embed the copyright notice on your song sheets and music sets according to the CCLI Copyright License Manual.

Fair Use and Legal Information

Maskil seeks to comply with the laws of the land. Legal use of parts of this website or app by the individual user is covered by fair use in some cases where a CCLI® Copyright™ License has not been entered, but ultimate responsibility lies on that of the end user.

Maskil's core features generally fall into the category of fair use, and provide meta information on songs and their lyrics that are over and in addition to the nature of the songs, including but not limited to: for use in scholarship, sharing of knowledge through user annotations and contributions, studying music theory and chords, studying Christian music lyrics and their relevance to the Bible text, discovering recordings and performances of such songs, etc. similar to the function of that of search engines.

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